Moving On

By , January 27, 2013 7:27 PM

I’m not about looking back. I like to press on, move ahead, follow the muse, dream new dreams, set new goals, plan new plans. However every now and then, I get this dim realization that some of my internal wires might be crossed. At those times, I’d love to plug myself into a booth at the mall for psychoanalysis and then walk away with a print out that explains myself to myself.

In other words, I am weird.

I absolutely adored this blog when I first began it. Then I did the logical thing that everyone else does, and put the web addy for it as a tag line on my email signature. And shortly afterwards, began to experience numerous mental blocks as to why I should not post. I have a similar problem with Facebook.

I have so many acquaintances … and they span across a very wide range of people. I have family. I have dog friends. I have writer friends. I have Christian friends. Some of these categories subset one another and others do not. But invariably I have found that when I am myself … real … that I seem to offend one group or another. So for a very long time, I have posted erratically, or not at all.

Yet I miss being “out there” being me.

So today, I had just enough introspection to consciously take the tagline for this blog off of my email signature. Now, once again, especially as neglected as it has been these past months, it is quite possible no one will read me at all.

Oddly, that actually seems perfectly OK with me!

When my husband (a small town boy of some renown) and I were dating, it seemed that everywhere we went, people hailed him and wanted to stop and chat. Which, if the truth be known, was a bit annoying to my then almost thirty year younger self. The climax occurred at the NC State fair, when thrice in a row he was hailed by old buddies who just wanted to chat. I recall snapping somewhat peevishly at him, “Don’t you understand the value of¬†anonymity?”


I have a much more mature view today of how and why things happen (hint, there’s a reason!) but all the same, I must confess that I feel like a kid released from school … I again feel free to …

just be


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  1. Sal says:

    Bravo to the authentic self!

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