Reasons to Stay Married

By , September 7, 2012 8:15 AM

My paternal grandparents … married until “death do us part”.


A quarter of a century –

Twenty-five years

Of marriage, he and me.

Tears, fears and many beers –

We have evolved


Into a couple more

Than each of us is alone.

The divorce rate makes me

Shudder and wish to advise

Persevere! For you know not


How soon marriage might

Become life-long friendship.

Shelve criticism … for

Despite gray, thin, and fat.

Only my husband knows my journey.


The mirage is, “in love”

If only you knew –

Those who persevere learn –

Infatuation morphs

Into something much

More enduring.


Copyright 2012 Brett Valentine Winn

One Response to “Reasons to Stay Married”

  1. Sal says:

    The pages were still for a very long time, and yet I looked with anticipation. What an abundant and prolific reward! I adore the poetry, photographs and slips of light directly from your soul.

    Of course, she would chose you as a friend. God gave you to some of us as a gift.

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