Did I Win and Lose 1,000,000.00?

By , May 1, 2011 12:33 AM

Someone Won a Million Dollars. Was it Me?

My son and I have ourselves a ball spending four dollars a week on the NC Powerball lottery. I’m not sure what he imagines doing with the money should he win … (probably much the same as me) but I would pay off remaining debt, help several special family members and friends, and probably splurge on a book or two. Mostly I would enjoy being able to be in a position to help people in need that I hear about from time to time, and I might travel a little. That’s about it.

Today, I took this precious little guy:


to Asheville, to meet his new family who drove from Kansas to get him. It was a wonderful experience, too short, lovely people who felt like old friends even though we only just met.

On the way home, I stopped by to see my son and daughter-in-law for a few minutes, and got gas at the Sheetz near their home. Without realizing it, I left my billfold in the bathroom there. I was an hour closer home before I realized what I had done. I called my son who checked for me … they had the billfold … they had found it … in the trash.

Not good.

Sooo … I turn around, drive back, and they did indeed have my billfold. I am extremely grateful that it still had my credit and debit cards, driver’s license, etc. The only things missing were a small amount of cash and the lottery ticket that I had purchased last Wednesday but had not yet had time to check.

All the way to Asheville, I kept passing the lottery billboards, that had gone back down to the starting amount, which made me realize that SOMEONE had won at the last drawing. I was looking forward to getting home and checking my number!

Alas ….

When I DID get home, I saw my son had purchased a ticket for me and left it on my keyboard. I’ve posted it above. I don’t know if I’ll win tonight, or not, but notice, if you please, that at the LAST drawing, (the one my stolen ticket was for) that SOMEONE won a million dollars on a ticket purchased in Raleigh!! (Can you guess where I purchased MY ticket???) Now, undoubtedly, hundreds if not thousands of tickets were sold that day in Raleigh.

However, just to satisfy my curiosity, I’m going to have to go by the store where I purchased my ticket and see if they had a million dollar winner, last Wednesday.

And if they did … I’m going to write a best selling novel to make up for my missing million dollars, that hypothesizes all about the person who succumbed to temptation and took my money and my ticket … and how their guilt goes on to affect them for the rest of their life ….

LOL! Now, THAT would be “poetic” justice, would it not?!

3 Responses to “Did I Win and Lose 1,000,000.00?”

  1. Sal says:

    I agree! If you write it….they will read it!

  2. Cye says:

    Why don’t ya go ahead and write that novel anyway? Poetic justice motifs are intriguing and this sounds like an angle that hasn’t been worn out. Hilarious post.

  3. Coral Swanson says:

    wow, what an adventure! we’re home safe and sound, thanks for everything! talk to you soon, coral

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